Homer: Loyal Stonecutters, Let Us Begin Our Reenactment Of The Battle Of Gettysburg.

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Homer: Loyal Stonecutters, let us begin our reenactment of the
Battle of Gettysburg.
[camera pulls back to reveal scattered, costumed monkeys]
Marge: [walking in] Homer, you can't just keep hanging out with
these globus monkeys. Somebody's going to get parasites.
Homer: Oh Marge, kids, I miss my club.
Marge: Oh, Homey. You know, you _are_ a member of a very exclusive
Homer: Black panthers?
Marge: No, the family Simpson, which has just five members -- and
only two of those members have special rings.
Bart+Lisa: Yeah!
[they blow on their whistle rings]
Marge: I meant our wedding rings!
-- "Homer the Great"