Homer: Uh...I'm Out. Carl: No, No No, Homer, You Have The Royal, Um.

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Homer: Uh...I'm out.
Carl: No, no no, Homer, you have the Royal, um...Sampler. [three
six ten jack king]
Homer: [bored] Oh, I win again, don't I. Woo hoo.
[everyone congratulates him]
You know, I think you guys are letting me win.
Everyone: No! No...
Homer: From now on you want me to be honest with me. I mean, I'm not
perfect, right?
Carl: Uh...y -- uh, yeah.
Wiggum: Um, well, y -- na -- y -- na -- um --
Moe: Um, y -- uh -- y -- n -- run!
[everyone takes off]
-- A hard time with the truth, "Homer the Great"