Number One: Homer Simpson, For Your Continuing And Baffling Desecration Of Our Beloved Sacred Parchment, You Are Hereby Banished From The Stonecutters Forever.

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Number One: Homer Simpson, for your continuing and baffling desecration
of our beloved sacred parchment, you are hereby banished
from the stonecutters forever. And as a final humiliation,
you must walk home naked, dragging behind you the Stone of
[someone snaps a metal collar around his neck]
[he starts to walk out when everyone gasps and points]
Hibbert: The mark!
Homer: Oh, that. It's just a birthmark. And I'll thank you not to
Moe: He's the Chosen One!
[everyone bows low before him]
Number One: You are the Chosen One whom the sacred parchment prophesied
would lead us to glory! Now to the top of Mount Springfield
for the coronation! Remove the Shone of Shame.
Homer: Woo hoo!
Number One: Attach the Stone of Triumph!
Homer: B'oh!
Everyone: Yay! [they all run off]
[Homer strains like anything with the new larger stone]
-- Rags to riches, "Homer the Great"