Homer: Why Don't People Like Me, Marge? Marge: Mmm, Everyone Likes You, You're A Wonderful Person.

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Homer: Why don't people like me, Marge?
Marge: Mmm, everyone likes you, you're a wonderful person.
Homer: Why don't those stupid idiots let me in their crappy club for
Marge: I'm sure it's nothing personal, Homer.
Homer: It is. It's been happening to me all my life.
[flashback to kids climbing into a treefort]
Boy: Hey Billy! Hey Joey! Come on in. There's plenty of room.
Sorry, not you, Homer.
Homer: Why not?
[boy points to sign, "No Homers Club"]
But you let in Homer Glumplich.
Homer G.: [pops head out window] Hyuck hyuck!
Boy: It says no Homer_s_. We're allowed to have one.
Homer: Oh...
[back to the present]
Homer: I felt so left out.
Marge: Kids can be so cruel.
Bart: [walking by] We can? Thanks, Mom!
Lisa: [from another room] Ow! Cut it out, Bart!
-- A license to ill, "Homer the Great"