Homer: All Right, How Much Do You Charge? Zweig: If Money's A Problem, I Charge On A Sliding Scale.

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Homer: All right, how much do you charge?
Zweig: If money's a problem, I charge on a sliding scale. I can go as
low as $30 an hour.
Homer: Keep sliding.
Marge: $30 will be fine.
Homer: Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa! First, what are your qualifications?
Zweig: Well -- [she motions to a wall of diplomas]
Homer: Oh, no. I'm not here to take a reading test. I want to see some
Marge: Mph, I'm sorry, Doctor, he's just afraid you'll blame all my
problems on him.
Zweig: I'm not here to blame anyone.
[she double-underlines "Husband" on a pad of paper]
-- The first meeting with Dr. Zweig, "Fear of Flying"