Lenny: Hey, Moe...you Got Change For A Five? Moe

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Lenny: Hey, Moe...you got change for a five?
Moe: Yeah, sure thing Lenny.
[opens cash register]
[a cobra pops out and bites him repeatedly]
A snake in the cash register! [everyone laughs]
Great prank, fellas, great prank. Oh, I'm gonna be sick
Barney: Hey Moe, you want to smell my flower?
Moe: _Do_ I?! [walks over]
[Barney holds a lighter under Moe's chest]
Ooh! I'm burning up here. Ooh! [everyone laughs]
Aw, taking advantage of my alcohol-soaked clothes. Ho, ho, it's
funny _and_ it makes you think. Oh, I need some coffee before I
pass out. Homer, pass me the sugar.
Homer: [unscrewing lid] This is going to be great!
[Moe pours sugar in his cup; a whole lot comes out]
Barney: Oh, jeez.
Moe: Aw, there's sugar all over the bar now.
Lenny: That's not funny, Homer.
Barney: Yeah! We were just messing around, and you had to go too far.
-- The subtleties of pranks, "Fear of Flying"