Homer Opens The Door Resolutely, Then Unplugs The TV] [the Kids, Watching It, Open Their Mouths] Home

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[Homer opens the door resolutely, then unplugs the TV]
[the kids, watching it, open their mouths]
Homer: [quickly] Kids! Here's $50, why not go to the movies, then take
a cab to your aunts' house? Stay there, phone call you later.
Now, now, now!
[sweeps Marge into his arms]
Marge: Whoa! Homey, what's --
Homer: Marge, I'll explain to you afterwards.
[carries her upstairs into bedroom, shuts door]
[a train goes into a tunnel]
[a rocket takes off]
[hot dogs are rolled along an assembly line]
[camera pulls back to show a movie screen; Bart, Lisa, and
Maggie sit in the front row]
Lisa: What do you think Mom and Dad are doing right now?
Bart: I dunno.
-- Abe's miracle love tonic does its work,
"Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"