Homer: You're Home Safe. Done My Duty. See You The Next Time We Need Your Signature.

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Homer: You're home safe. Done my duty. See you the next time we need
your signature.
Abe: Aw, you never want to spend any time with me. Well I can help
you with your lovin' problem: I got a home remedy that'll put the
zowsers back in your trousers.
[walks to sink, plugs it, starts pouring things from his
medicine cabinet in]
Legend has it my great grandpappy stumbled upon this recipe when
he was trying to invent a cheap substitute for holy water.
[bottles some]
Here you g -- [sees Homer has left] Hey!
[opens curtains] Here you go, you ingrate. Think of me when
you're having the best sex of your life.
-- Ew, "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"