Marge: Mmm, I Hope You Kept The Homey-fires Burning.

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Marge: Mmm, I hope you kept the Homey-fires burning.
[Homer snores]
Homer: Huh?
Marge: Homer, wake up! Wake up!
Homer: Wha?
Marge: We need to talk about the -- marital difficulties we've been
having lately.
Homer: Marge, there's just too much pressure, what with my job, the
kids, traffic snarls, political strife at home and abroad. But I
promise you, the second all those things go away, we'll have sex.
Marge: I simply can't wait that long. Maybe we should get some help...
how about a book?
Homer: [excited] Ooh, OK!
Marge: A _tasteful_ book.
Homer: [unexcited] Oh, all right.
-- Dear Penthouse Forum, "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"