Homer: So, A Graduate Student, Huh? How Come You Guys Can Go To The Moon But You Can't Make My Shoes Smell Good?

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Homer: So, a graduate student, huh? How come you guys can go to the
moon but you can't make my shoes smell good?
Ashley: I'm sorry?
Homer: Aw, nobody's blaming you. Hey: could you take the wheel for a
second? I have to scratch myself in two places at once.
Ashley: [repulsed] Just drop me off here.
[Homer stops the car; Ashley gets out]
Homer: [sees Venus de Milo on Ashley's pants] [gasps] Precious Venus...
[rips it off; Ashley looks back to see Homer drooling lustily]
Ashley: Aah! [slams door, runs off]
Homer: Thank you. [eats it]
-- Not too priceless to enjoy digesting, "Homer Bad Man"