Bart:'re One Of Those "Don't Call Me A Chick" Chicks, Huh?

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Bart:'re one of those "Don't call me a chick" chicks, huh?
Lisa: Ehh, sorry about my unenlightened brother. He _will_ make the
next few hours a living hell.
Ashley: Oh, I don't know. See this, Bart?
[dangles "Disembowler IV" video game cartridge]
Bart: "Disembowler IV": the game where condemned criminals dig at each
other with rusty hooks.
Ashley: Mm hmm. Do a little housework and you can play for five
Bart: No way. [turns away, but has to turn back] Argh! Yes, 'm.
Ashley: See, Lisa? Males aren't hard to tame. They all follow their...
video cartridges.
[swings it towards wall, Bart follows and smashes his nose]
Bart: Ow.
-- The silicon and plastic 1990s carrot, "Homer Bad Man"