Homer: Now That We're All Alone, Marge, Admit It: You Like Lisa Best!

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Homer: Now that we're all alone, Marge, admit it: you like Lisa best!
Marge: No!
Homer: Oh, so you're a Bart woman, are you?
Marge: No!
Homer: Well, you can't possibly like Maggie best. What's she ever done?
Nothin' for nobody.
[Maggie jumps up and catches a ketchup bottle headed for Homer's
Marge: Homer, we can't root for one child over the other. You wouldn't
like it if the kids played favorites with us.
[on the ice]
Bart: Hey, Mom! Look at me, Mom!
Lisa: Hi, Mom! Over here! Mom!
Homer: [chuckles] Hi kids!
-- Just before the big game, "Lisa on Ice"