Bart: Come Watch TV With Me, Dad. We Missed The First Two Episodes Of "Cops", But If We Hurry We Can Catch The Last Three.

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Bart: Come watch TV with me, Dad. We missed the first two episodes of
"Cops", but if we hurry we can catch the last three.
Homer: Aw, sorry Bart, Lisa and I are going out for a gelato. We'd ask
you to come, know.
Bart: Oh.
Marge: Bart, _I_ can spend some time with you.
Bart: I don't know, Mom.
Marge: Don't have a stereotypical view of me just because I'm your
mother. I know: how about we play the basketball? I'm no Harvey
Globetrotter, but --
Bart: Ohh...
{[outside, Marge dribbles with two hands]}
Marge: {Watch out for the Shaq attaq!
[throws the ball at Bart's face]}
Bart: {Ow!}
Marge: {I told you to watch out...}
-- Marge O'Neal, "Lisa on Ice"