Skinner: _That's_ The Collection Money! Moe: [sniffs It] Oh Yeah, Smells Like Church.

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Skinner: _That's_ the collection money!
Moe: [sniffs it] Oh yeah, smells like church.
Lovejoy: I guess it's obvious what's happened here. Bart Simpson has
somehow managed to sneak his bedroom into my house.
[everyone looks at him]
Well, come on! Use your imaginations!
Jessica: No, Dad. _I_ did it: it's your classic cry for attention.
Lovejoy: Well, young lady, I suppose we brought you home from boarding
school a little prematurely.
Jessica: I was _expelled_, Dad! Remember the pipe bomb, the Glee Club
brawl? Remember the school _chapel_ collection plate?
[Lovejoy starts singing "Bringing in the Sheaves"]
Exploding toilets ring a bell? Come on, Dad! Pay attention to
me! We're going there...
-- The truth comes out, "Bart's Girlfriend"