Bob: Well Bart, I Am. Lisa: I Have A Plan.

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Bob: Well Bart, I am.
Lisa: I have a plan. I think we can trap him.
[they walk up; Lisa takes a sip of water]
You know, Sideshow Bob, I believe you when you say you're
Bob: Indeed I am.
Lisa: Because we all know you're a naive pawn -- puppet, if you will --
of the most diabolical political genius Springfield has ever
known: Birchibald T. Barlow!
[Barlow stammers incoherently]
You don't have the intelligence to rig an election by yourself, do
Bart: You were just Barlow's lackey.
Lisa: You were Ronny to his Nancy!
Bart: Sonny to his Cher!
Lisa: Ringo to his rest of the Beatles!
-- Ringo "Excuse the lateness of my reply"?,
"Sideshow Bob Roberts"