Abe: "My Car Gets Fourty Rods To The Hogshead And That's The Way I Like It" A Rod Is An Arcane Form Of Measurement, Equal To 512 Yards Or 1612 Fee

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Abe: "My car gets fourty rods to the hogshead and that's the way I like it"
A rod is an arcane form of measurement, equal to 512 yards or 1612 feet; a perch or pole. A rod is also farming measurement used in spacing the furrows in ploughed fields, of 16.5 feet. A Hog is a large, often old, car or motor-cycle in old U.S. Slang, and a hogshead is an old unit of measurement for liquids equal to 63 old wine-gallons, which is 5212 imperial gallons.
Episode: Film festival/critic episode