Troy McLure: Coming Up This Hour On The Impulse Buying Network, Your Chance To Own A Piece Of Itchy And Scratchy, The Toontown Twosome Beloved By Everyone -- Even Cynical Members Of Generation X!

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Troy McLure: Coming up this hour on the Impulse Buying Network, your chance to own a piece of Itchy and Scratchy, the toontown twosome beloved by everyone -- even cynical members of Generation X!
Gen Xer: [watching at home] Pfft, yeah. "Groovy". [Uses his fingers to make the quotation marks signs]
Beautifully mocks how we (Generation X-ers) make everything "ironic" (and thus "cool") by putting everything in quotation marks. Also, note the Java Lamp in the background of the Gen X-er's room. And the whole episode, it is worth noting, is a spoof on The Graduate
Episode: 1F21, Lady Bouvier's Lover, when Grandpa and Marge's mother date