Quote #502 In Keeping With My Non-Aristotelian Or Relativist-Existentialist Bias, I Do Not Classify Ideas As Simply "true" Or "false.

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Quote #502

In keeping with my non-Aristotelian or relativist-Existentialist bias, I do
not classify ideas as simply "true" or "false." I prefer to assign them
probabilities, on a scale from 0 (the Aristotelian "false") to 10 (the
Aristotelian "true"). A rating of 5 means that I am still sitting
geometrically on the middle of the fence, above 5 means that I presently
lean somewhat toward belief and below 5 means that today I lean somewhat
toward finding no value in this gloss at all (for me).
I admit cheerfully that I am such an advanced case of Aggravated Agnosticism
that whenever I do move something into 0 or 10, I get nervous, wonder if I
am becoming as simple-minded as the Pope or Dr. Carl Sagan and start looking
for evidence to move that meme toward 1 or 9.

-- Robert Anton Wilson

[ in the Introduction to his play "Wilhelm Reich in Hell"]