Don't Worry About Attainment. Anything You Can Add Is Unnecessary.

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Don't worry about attainment. Anything you can add is unnecessary. Buddha didn't walk the earth so that we would study Buddhism. The zen masters didn't speak so that we should practice zen. A human life is already a million-layer cake of practices. There is no need for yet another layer on top of all the rest. (Ned Ludd): alt.zen
"Reduction of self does not refer to the visible ego, but rather to dissolving the bindings that cause the self to be separable. It is not an emotional question - it is a technical one, having to do with occult structures and karmic momentum. The visible ego is a manifestation of these structures - trying to attain higher awareness by reducing the visible ego is like trying to correct bad vision by pulling out your eyes.
"'No more touchy-feely Zen!'" (Kerry M Miller) (Usenet:alt.zen)