Zaphspeak (n.) -- An Accretive Post-industrial Colloquiallistic, Hieratically Neologistical Semantic-driven Locution Methodoly

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Zaphspeak (n.) -- an accretive post-industrial colloquiallistic, hieratically
neologistical semantic-driven locution methodoly; a micromodular metaphrasal
and deconstructed character-based transmorphic, content-specific monosyllabic
textually-based concatenated transmission medium with unique intersubjective
symbolic-interactive vernacular; a protodialectical, task-specific and
self-referentially nomenclatured interlanguage. (see 'bullshit').
:-) [a tricharactered string pseudo-representational of opthalmic dilation
indicia augmented by a nasal-clefted, positive-curvatured zygomatic flexure
sans parimetric ovalature, esp. omnisciently mirthful].