How Many American College Football Players -- Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

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-- How many
American college football players
-- does it take to change
a light bulb?
Just one, but he gets 3 hours of credit for it. (or the
Heisman, if Barry Switzer can get enough Alumni support
for it) Note: The Heisman is a trophy awarded to the
supposed best overall college football player each
season by the NY Athletic Club. Barry Switzer was
formerly the University of Oklahoma football coach, one
of the winningest ever. The joke relates to the fact
that the school's publicity department has as much, if
not more, to do with getting the Heisman than the
player's actual ability.
(Commentary from another American! Not exactly... OU has
had a few Heisman trophy winners, but only one of them
when Switzer was head coach (thus the joke's really not
that funny). Now if you changed it to Woody Hayes,
former head coach at coach at Ohio State, or Bo
Schembechler, former Michigan head coach, it might be
more humorous.)