AI-complete: /A-I K*m-pleet'/ [MIT, Stanford: By Analogy With `NP-complete' (see {NP-})] Adj.

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:AI-complete: /A-I k*m-pleet'/ [MIT, Stanford: by analogy with
`NP-complete' (see {NP-})] adj. Used to describe problems or
subproblems in AI, to indicate that the solution presupposes a
solution to the `strong AI problem' (that is, the synthesis of a
human-level intelligence). A problem that is AI-complete is, in
other words, just too hard.

Examples of AI-complete problems are `The Vision Problem'
(building a system that can see as well as a human) and `The
Natural Language Problem' (building a system that can understand
and speak a natural language as well as a human). These may appear
to be modular, but all attempts so far (1993) to solve them have
foundered on the amount of context information and `intelligence'
they seem to require. See also {gedanken}.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary