10. Whenever You Speak, You Say "say" In Front Of All Your Sentences.

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10. Whenever you speak, you say "say" in front of all your sentences.
9. You attempt to "goto /room/dorm/Shaw/east/156" to get home.
8. You kill furry little squirrels and houseflies, thinking it'll make
you bigger.
7. You forget to respond to your real given name, but if someone says
"Hey Ayeser!" you turn your head.
6. You tell your girlfriend that you are busy, when in fact you are just
getting hot and heavy with your mud wife.
5. You look at yourself and wonder that since you are skinny and weak,
but have the brainpower of three of your peers put together, if you
aren't really descended from elves.
4. You sit down to take a test and think "wield pencil".
3. You get dressed in the morning and think "wear shirt", "wear socks",
"wear underwear", etc.
2. You walk around campus muttering "north, west, west, north..."
1. You skip class to play these G@!% D@#$% F%* @!#$ THINGS!
-- Top Ten ways to tell you MUD too much