For What It's Worth, I Understand Your Bitterness. With Respect Sir, You Cannot.

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For what it's worth, I understand your bitterness.
With respect sir, you cannot. I am asked to give up the very lifeblood
of my mother and my father to those who murdered them.
So you blame all Romulans for that?
Forever. What if someday the Federation made peace with the Romulans?
That's what your people said a few years ago, about humans. Think how
many died on both sides in that war. Would you and I be here now like
this? If we hadn't been able to let go of the anger and the blame.
Where does it end Worf? If that Romulan dies, does his family carry
the bitterness another generation?
Then you believe I should.
What I believe doesn't matter.
-- Riker & Worf, "The Enemy", stardate 43349.2