FORTRAN FORTRAN Is The Programming Language Considered By Many To Be The Natural Successor To LISP And Prolog For A.

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FORTRAN is the programming Language considered by many to be the
natural successor to LISP and Prolog for A.I. research. Its
advantages include:
1. it is very efficient for numerical computations (many A.I.
programs rely heavily on number-crunching techniques).
2. A.I. problems tend to be very poorly structured, meaning
that control needs to move frequently from one part of a
program to another. FORTRAN provides a special mechanism for
achieving this, the so-called *GOTO statement*.
3. FORTRAN provides a very efficient data structure, the
*array*, which is particularly useful if, for example, one
wishes to process a collection of English sentences each of
which has the same length.
-- Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Tools,
-- edited by Alan Bundy, second, revised edition,
-- Springer-Verlag 1984, 1986 Contributor: Martin Cherry