Finger: [WAITS, Via BSD UNIX] 1. N. A Program That Displays Information About A Particular User Or All Users Logged On The System, Or A Remote System.

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:finger: [WAITS, via BSD UNIX] 1. n. A program that displays
information about a particular user or all users logged on the
system, or a remote system. Typically shows full name, last login
time, idle time, terminal line, and terminal location (where
applicable). May also display a {plan file} left by the user
(see also {Hacking X for Y}). 2. vt. To apply finger to a
username. 3. vt. By extension, to check a human's current state by
any means. "Foodp?" "T!" "OK, finger Lisa and see if she's
idle." 4. Any picture (composed of ASCII characters) depicting
`the finger'. Originally a humorous component of one's plan file
to deter the curious fingerer (sense 2), it has entered the arsenal
of some {flamer}s.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary