DATA : Captain, I Believe We Are Being Probed. PICARD

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DATA : Captain, I believe we are being probed.
PICARD: It appears so Data. Councelor, do you sense anything?
TROY : No...Nothing...Wait! I sense a small but strong concentration
of lameness. It appears to be a wannabe-hacker.
PICARD: Hmm...Mr. Worf, put this pathetic lamer out of his misery.
WORF : Very well captain. Arming photon-torpedoes.
RIKER : Captain, I think it might be wiser to stun the subject and log
his host-mask; after all, he might be a beautiful young female
at the peak of her sexual capacity.
TROY : Will, don't you ever think about anything else?
PICARD: Hmm...Very well. Mr. Worf, set fazers on maximum beep, and report
the wannabe-hacker's coordinates to Captains log.
WORF : Firing fazers...........