Cookbook: [from Amateur Electronics And Radio] N. A Book Of Small Code Segments That The Reader Can Use To Do Various {magic} Things In Programs.

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:cookbook: [from amateur electronics and radio] n. A book of small
code segments that the reader can use to do various {magic}
things in programs. One current example is the
"{{PostScript}} Language Tutorial and Cookbook" by Adobe
Systems, Inc (Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-10179-3), also known as
the {Blue Book} which has recipes for things like wrapping text
around arbitrary curves and making 3D fonts. Cookbooks, slavishly
followed, can lead one into {voodoo programming}, but are useful
for hackers trying to {monkey up} small programs in unknown
languages. This function is analogous to the role of phrasebooks
in human languages.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary