Classic C: /klas'ik C/ [a Play On `Coke Classic'] N.

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:Classic C: /klas'ik C/ [a play on `Coke Classic'] n. The
C programming language as defined in the first edition of {K&R},
with some small additions. It is also known as `K&R C'. The name
came into use while C was being standardized by the ANSI X3J11
committee. Also `C Classic'.

An analogous construction is sometimes applied elsewhere: thus,
`X Classic', where X = Star Trek (referring to the original TV
series) or X = PC (referring to IBM's ISA-bus machines as opposed
to the PS/2 series). This construction is especially used of
product series in which the newer versions are considered serious
losers relative to the older ones.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary