Casual Amusement Can Be One Of A Wizard's Greatest Problems.

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Casual amusement can be one of a wizard's greatest problems. After all,
when one can conjure virtually anything, what can one do to 'get away from it
Different wizards arrive at different solutions for their entertainment.
A sorcerer of my acquaintance decided to increase his physical prowess through
a vigorous program of exercise but found that his new muscles were wont to rip
through his robes midconjure. Another mage decided to develop the interplay
between tongue and teeth so that he could exactly reproduce any insect noise
imaginable. He became so successful at this that they discovered his corpse one
midsummer's eve, suffocated by six thousand three hundred and two amorous
katydids. And the wizard who tried to start personal communications between
humans and sheep... well, the less said the better.
-- The Teachings of Ebenezum, Vol. XLIV