B'Ijik: "Greetings, Captain. I Regret To Inform You That Gowron And The High Council Are Quite Busy And Won't Be Able To Speak With You Today.

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B'Ijik: "Greetings, Captain. I regret to inform you that Gowron and the High
Council are quite busy and won't be able to speak with you today."
Picard: "Is Gowron aware that we have been transmitting messages for the past
three days?"
B'Ijik: "Captain, Gowron wishes that it were possible to talk with everyone who
wants an audience, but he is only one man. The demands on his time are
formidable. If you would like me to take him a message--"
Picard: "'A message'?!"
-- "Unification I", Stardate 45240.1