Fortune's Nomination For All-Time Champion And Protector Of Youthful Morals Goes To Representative Clare E.

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Fortune's nomination for All-Time Champion and Protector of Youthful Morals
goes to Representative Clare E. Hoffman of Michigan. During an impassioned
House debate over a proposed bill to "expand oyster and clam research," a
sharp-eared informant transcribed the following exchange between our hero
and Rep. John D. Dingell, also of Michigan.

Dingell: "There are places in the world at the present time where we are
having to artifically propogate oysters and clams."
Hoffman: "You mean the oysters I buy are not nature's oysters?"
Dingell: "They may or may not be natural. The simple fact of the matter is
that female oysters through their living habits cast out large
amounts of seed and the male oysters cast out large amounts of
Hoffman: "Wait a minute! I do not want to go into that. There are many
teenagers who read The Congressional Record."