A Man Is Walking Along When He Sees A Funeral Procession Going By, The Longest Procession He's Ever Seen.

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A man is walking along when he sees a funeral procession going by, the
longest procession he's ever seen. It seems to consist of the hearse,
followed by a man with a Doberman on a leash, followed by several hundred
other men. After watching for a few minutes, he can restrain his curiosity
no longer, and walks up to one of the mourners.
"Excuse me, sir, I don't mean to bother you in your moment of grief,
but this is the strangest procession I've ever seen. What happened, who is
the funeral for?"
"Well, it's nothing special, really, the funeral is for the mother-
in-law of the man at the front of the procession. You see, his Doberman
attacked and killed her."
"That's awful!", replies the onlooker. "But... um... tell me, you
don't think he'd let me borrow that dog, do you?"
"Get in line, buddy," replies the mourner, "get in line."