Which Reminds Me Of The Carrot Family: Ma Carrot, Pa Carrot, And Baby Carrot.

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... which reminds me of the Carrot family: Ma Carrot, Pa Carrot, and Baby
Carrot. One fine spring day they decided to go out for a picnic. They all
piled into their carrot-mobile and drive out to the country. But Pa Carrot
wasn't watching where he was going and alas, he hit an oil slick and skidded
right into a tree. Ma and Pa Carrot escaped with a few cuts and bruises, but
poor Baby Carrot got broken in two. They frantically rushed him to the
hospital and immediately the doctors started operating in a desperate attempt
to save Baby Carrot's life. Ma and Pa Carrot were beside themselves with
anxiety ... would poor little Baby Carrot make it?
After hours of waiting the doctor finally emerges, bleary-eyed and
barely able to walk.
"Is he all right, is he all right?" Pa Carrot frantically stammers.
"Well, I have some good news and some bad news," replies the doctor.
Ma and Pa Carrot look at each other and blurt out, nearly in unison,
"The good news first!"
"All right, the good news is that Baby Carrot will live."
"And the bad news? What's the bad news about our Baby Carrot?"
The doctor puts his hand on Pa Carrot's shoulder and solemnly looks him in
the eye. "Your son will live... but... he'll be a vegetable for the rest of
his life."