Your Home Electrical System Is Basically A Bunch Of Wires That Bring Electricity Into Your Home And Take If Back Out Before It Has A Chance To Kill You.

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Your home electrical system is basically a bunch of wires that bring
electricity into your home and take if back out before it has a chance to
kill you. This is called a "circuit". The most common home electrical
problem is when the circuit is broken by a "circuit breaker"; this causes
the electricity to back up in one of the wires until it bursts out of an
outlet in the form of sparks, which can damage your carpet. The best way
to avoid broken circuits is to change your fuses regularly.
Another common problem is that the lights flicker. This sometimes
means that your electrical system is inadequate, but more often it means
that your home is possessed by demons, in which case you'll need to get a
caulking gun and some caulking. If you're not sure whether your house is
possessed, see "The Amityville Horror", a fine documentary film based on an
actual book. Or call in a licensed electrician, who is trained to spot the
signs of demonic possession, such as blood coming down the stairs, enormous
cats on the dinette table, etc.
-- Dave Barry, "The Taming of the Screw"