Wizards, Like All Mortals, Need Their Rest. Casting Spells, Righting Wrongs, And Putting A Little Away For Your Old Age Can All Be Draining Occupations.

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Wizards, like all mortals, need their rest. Casting spells, righting
wrongs, and putting a little away for your old age can all be draining
occupations. The true wizard must therefore always insist on a good night's
sleep, and a few days' respite between tasks. After some particularly grueling
work, a couple of weeks in the country are not out of line. In the aftermath
of truly major assignments, of course, nothing less than a seaside vacation
will do. And what of those situations in which a wizard's work affects the very
world around him, perhaps the fabric of the cosmos itself? Well, be advised
that prime accommodations in Vushta must be reserved at least two months in
-- The Teachings of Ebenezum, Vol. XXIII