Wizards Are Constantly Subject To Negative Publicity.

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Wizards are constantly subject to negative publicity. A case in point. One
elderly wizard of my acquaintance, whenever he was bothered by unexpected
guests, would immediately cast one of three spells upon them, either turning
them to stone, transforming them into segmented worms, or blasting them
entirely out of the kingdom. Now, some wrong-headed do-gooders, hearing about
the aged mage's predilections, formed an angry torch-bearing mob, forcing the
now wronged wizard to flee to a distant kingdom altogether. How much better it
would have been if the aged wizard had thought to inform the populace of the
true benefits of the spells he used on those who came to bother him! For
example, those people who have experienced it will tell you that nothing is
more restful than being turned to stone, while transformation into a worm
brings you closer to the earth. As to being totally blasted from the wizard's
domain, I challenge you: Can you think of any other way you can travel such a
great distance for free?
-- The Teachings of Ebenezum, Vol. XVI