When You Start Talking About Sleaze, I Think Some In The Media Ought To Look In The Mirror.

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When you start talking about sleaze, I think some in the media ought to
look in the mirror. Now what's the motivation of this? I can't think of
any other motivating factor other than you want to hurt the President and
help Bill Clinton.
There's good journalism and there's bad journalism. And I want to say
something to you good journalists. You are being overwhelmed by the bad
journalism and the bad journalists of America.
Good journalism is taking a rumor, taking gossip and going out and
investigating it and finding out if it's true, and if there's any credibility
at all. And when you find something like this that was investigated and
was totally false, you don't print it.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle at a news conference in
Huntington Beach, CA, defending George Bush against
charges of marital infidelity.
(reported in the NY Times 8/13/92)