We May Mount From This Dull Earth, And Viewing It From On High, Consider Whether Nature Has Laid Out All Her Cost And Finery Upon This Small Speck Of Dirt.

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We may mount from this dull Earth, and viewing it from on high, consider
whether Nature has laid out all her cost and finery upon this small
speck of Dirt. So, like Travelers into other distant countries, we
shall be better able to judge of what's done at home, know how to make a
true estimate of, and set its own value upon every thing. We shall be
less apt to admire what this World call great, shall nobly despise those
Trifles the generality of Men set their affections on, when we know that
there are a multitude of such Earths inhabited and adorn'd as well as
our own.
-- Christaan Huygens