As ... The Sovereign Has No Further Need For My Services This Evening, She Suggested I Might Spend Some Time With You.

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As ... the sovereign has no further need for my services this evening, she
suggested I might spend some time with you.
What a charming suggestion.
She...appreciates the...affection you show me.
Was I that obvious?
Well, I've already dined. Maybe you know a good Acamarian dessert recipe.
Does that not please you? Tell me what you want William, I will do
anything you wish.
Wait a minute.
I don't understand? Don't you want me to give you pleasure?
Not as a servant. I told you I prefer equals.
Even in the matters of love?
Especially in matters of love.
-- Yuta and Riker, "The Vengeance Factor", stardate 43421.9