Troi: "You've Made Tremendous Progress." Barclay: "I, Uh, I, I Guess.

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Troi: "You've made tremendous progress." Barclay: "I, uh, I, I guess."
Troi: "Don't you think so?" Barclay: "Well, I just feel more comfortable,
uh, playing somebody else. And maybe all of this, is, is, is not
any better than, eh, escaping in, into a Holodeck fantasy." Troi:
"I disagree. This isn't fantasy, it's theatre. You used to withdraw
onto the Holodeck. You isolated yourself inside your own imagination
avoiding contact with real people. Look at yourself now. Look at
all the other people you're with. You're not just acting, you're
-- "The Nth Degree", Stardate Unknown