Poiler: [USENET] N. 1. A Remark Which Reveals Important Plot Elements From Books Or Movie

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:spoiler: [USENET] n. 1. A remark which reveals important plot
elements from books or movies, thus denying the reader (of the
article) the proper suspense when reading the book or watching the
movie. 2. Any remark which telegraphs the solution of a problem or
puzzle, thus denying the reader the pleasure of working out the
correct answer (see also {interesting}). Either sense readily
forms compounds like `total spoiler', `quasi-spoiler' and even

By convention, articles which are spoilers in either sense should
contain the word `spoiler' in the Subject: line, or guarantee via
various tricks that the answer appears only after several
screens-full of warning, or conceal the sensitive information via
{rot13}, or some combination of these techniques.
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary