Shelby: "Captain Riker, Based On Our Past Relationship, There's No Reason For Me To Expect To Becoming Your First Officer Except That You Need Me.

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Shelby: "Captain Riker, based on our past relationship, there's no
reason for me to expect to becoming your first officer except that
you need me. I know how to get things done and I have the expertise
on the Borg." Riker: "And you have a lot to learn, Commander." Shelby:
"Yes, sir." Riker: "Almost as much as I had to learn when I came onboard
as Captain Picard's first officer. A fact he reminded me of when
I commented on what a pain-in- the-neck you were." Shelby: "Yes,
-- "The Best Of Both Worlds Part II", Stardate 44001.4