Riker: "Mister Dekachin?" Dokachin: "Dokachin. Krim Dokachin.

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Riker: "Mister Dekachin?"
Dokachin: "Dokachin. Krim Dokachin."
Riker: "Mister Dokachin, the information I need involves a matter of major
importance to the Federation. I'll need access to your logs, your files, my
people can do the work."
Dokachin: "I don't allow outsiders into my computer system."
Riker: "All right, one of your people can do the work."
Dokachin: "I wish I had the people to spare, I don't."
Riker: "Well, sir, what would you suggest?!"
Dokachin: "I don't know. Contact me when you reach orbit."
-- "Unification I", Stardate 45240.6