Picard: "Is There Anyone On Romulus He Might Know, Or Choose To Contact?

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Picard: "Is there anyone on Romulus he might know, or choose to contact?"
Sarek: "Pardek?" Picard: "Who is Pardek?" Sarek: "It could be...Pardek!"
Picard: "Who is Pardek?" Sarek: "He is a Romulan senator. Spock has
maintained a relationship with him over the years. I don't know
how they met. At the Khitomer Conference, I'd imagine." Picard:
"Pardek represented Romulus." Sarek: "Yes! I'm sure he did. In fact,
I recall Spock coming to me with optimism about maintaining a continual
*dialogue* with the Romulans. I told him that it was illogical to
maintain such an expectation. Spock was always so impressionable.
This Romulan Pardek had no support at home! Of course, in the end,
I was later proven correct."
-- "Unification I", Stardate 45235.4