And We Must Consider, That Since -- Unfortunately -- We Are Forced To Live Togethe

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... and we must consider, that since -- unfortunately -- we are forced
to live together, the most important thing for us to remember is that
the only way in which we can have any law at all is to have as little
of it as possible. I see no ethical standard by which to measure the
whole unethical conception of a State, except in the amount of time, of
thought, of money, of effort and of obedience, which a society extorts
from its every member. Its value and its civilization are in inverse
ratio to that extortion. There is no conceivable law by which a man
can be forced to work on any terms except those he chooses to set. There
is no conceivable law to prevent him from setting them -- just as there
is none to force his employer to accept them. The freedom to agree or
disagree is the foundation of our kind of society ...
-- Austen Heller