Of Course I Am Sure You Have All Heard Of Ma And Pa Kettle Getting Bored With Life And Deciding To Go On The New Television Program, Divorce Court.

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Of course I am sure you have all heard of Ma and Pa Kettle getting bored
with life and deciding to go on the new television program, Divorce Court.
They even agreed to get a divorce, just to see how it would feel.
Unfortunately, they did not prepare any dialogue, and so when the presiding
judge asked them why they wanted to get a divorce, Pa simply said "Judge,
it's her coffee. It'd be an improvement if she soaked her sox in it!"
Without hesitation, the judge granted the divorce, acknowledging in doing
so that he too was a coffee drinker. And so it came to pass that the
divorce was granted on coffee grounds! (Sorry, really, about this, terribly
in fact, but it was in and just had to come out!)