Nature (reality) Is Just As Absolutist As Chess, And Her Rules (laws) Are Just As Immutable (more So) -- But Her Rules And Their Applications Are Much

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Nature (reality) is just as absolutist as chess, and her rules (laws)
are just as immutable (more so) -- but her rules and their applications
are much, much more complex, and have to be discovered by man. And
just as a man may memorize the rules of chess, but has to use his own
mind in order to apply them, i.e., in order to play well -- so each
man has to use his own mind in order to apply the rules of nature, i.e.,
in order to live successfully. A long time ago, the grandmaster of
all grandmasters gave us the basic principles of the method by which
one discovers the rules of nature and of life. His name was Aristotle.
-- Ayn Rand