Lint: [from UNIX's `lint(1)', Named For The Bits Of Fluff It Supposedly Picks From Programs] 1.

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:lint: [from UNIX's `lint(1)', named for the bits of fluff it
supposedly picks from programs] 1. vt. To examine a program closely
for style, language usage, and portability problems, esp. if
in C, esp. if via use of automated analysis tools, most esp. if
the UNIX utility `lint(1)' is used. This term used to be
restricted to use of `lint(1)' itself, but (judging by
references on USENET) it has become a shorthand for {desk check}
at some non-UNIX shops, even in languages other than C. Also as
v. {delint}. 2. n. Excess verbiage in a document, as in "This
draft has too much lint".
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary