It Appears That After His Death, Albert Einstein Found Himself Working As The Doorkeeper At The Pearly Gates.

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It appears that after his death, Albert Einstein found himself working
as the doorkeeper at the Pearly Gates. One slow day, he found that he
had time to chat with the new entrants. To the first one he asked,
What's your IQ? The new arrival replied, 190. They discussed
Einstein's theory of relativity for hours. When the second new arrival
came, Einstein once again inquired as to the newcomer's IQ. The answer
this time came 120. To which Einstein replied, Tell me, how did the
Cubs do this year? and they proceeded to talk for half an hour or so.
To the final arrival, Einstein once again posed the question, What's
your IQ?. Upon receiving the answer 70, Einstein smiled and asked,
Got a minute to tell me about VMS 4.0?